Legal and technical assistance during the purchasing phase

Legal certainty first and foremost

The mistake many people make when entering into real estate contracts, in Italy or elsewhere, is that they do not contact a lawyer specialising in real estate until it is too late.

Buying a property, especially if it is a very old building in a rural area and one which has undergone numerous renovations and alterations over the years, requires special attention and thorough inspection.

The necessity for preventative legal assistance from the negotiation phase onwards arises in order to:

  • avoid the signing of binding documents with legal effects which are not known in depth
  • avoid potenticial property litigation (costly, stressful, risky)
  • avoid the lack of reliability of some sellers and real estate operators 
  • avoid large unforeseen compliance costs after purchasing a property

We therefore strongly recommend and are able to offer assistance with the following procedure:

Phase A: Due Diligence

1. Legal DD

  • Assessment of the object by a lawyer
  • Assessment and potential securing of acquisition titles
  • Verification of real estate registration / mortgage registration / other records
  • Identification and assessment of any potential administrative risk concerning the property
  • Assessment of the legal aspects concerning the construction state of the property: (building permit, etc.)
  • Potential proposals for an eventual solution, etc.

2. Technical DD

  • Tour of the property by a trusted technician
  • Assessment of compliance with the cadastral and urban planning records
  • Check of necessary permits and authorisations
  • Check the connection to services and the status of utilities

Phase B: Realisation of the purchase

  1. Determining the purchase procedure and potential signing of the reservation contract
  2. Signing of a Future Purchase Agreement Contract (if applicable) and subsequent Purchase Contract at a notary's office
  3. Appointment of a Notary
  4. Representation in negotiations with the agency and sellers
  5. Representation at the notary (power of attorney)

For this we are able, through local professionals, to provide you with:

  1. Contacting the bank to obtain a loan
  2. Assessment of possibility of obtaining a state grant
  3. Assessment of tax optimisation in cooperation with a local tax advisor
  4. Potential Due Diligence for local companies in the event of a business purchases
  5. Insurance

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