Property Finding

Support in selecting the type and location of the investment and finding suitable properties

What is Property Finding

What actually is Property Finding? The Property Finder (PF) acts on behalf of the client to find the ideal property for them. Based on the client’s requirements, the PF will look at a number of properties, help you choose the right one and then take control of the negotiations to ensure you get the best deal possible.

How does the Property Finder work

There is no need anymore to go to the place only to discover that the property looks completely different to how it was depicted in the brochure. Instead, the visits will be carried out on your behalf by the PF, who will provide you with written feedback, photographs and potentially also a video or virtual tour of the property.

Particularly for those looking to find their dream home far away from their residence, this can be an invaluable service when choosing a small number of properties.

The PF is commissioned by potential buyers to search for suitable properties and acts solely in their interests. Estate agencies act principally in the interest of the seller and, therefore, the PF is much more likely to provide you with a realistic estimate of the sale price of the property, while also alerting you to areas that may require further investigation.

Operative phase:

  • Exploratory interview: during which you can describe in detail what features you are looking for in the property: locality, type of property, size, purpose, services needed, budget, and so forth.
  • Property search: searching via portals and local estate agencies, personal contact.
  • Depending on the client's choice, this is followed by telephone contact and compiling of initial information, or a first visit
  • Selection and viewing of properties: the time has come for you to view the property. Several viewings, or perhaps even just a single one will be enough for you to discover which is the one. The added value of the PF is precisely the crucial reduction of wasted time.

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